Start Firm

In order to relaunch Taka Florance as a company, we focused on Millennial homeowners who are looking to re-paint their walls. We chose an alluring brand representative that is a personification of our brand essence, “The White Paint Expert”. Consumers can engage with Dr. Florance White through Instagram Live, Online Chatroom and also request her service to paint their homes through a single click.

Finish WOW

We have successfully created this online persona that has more than 15k organic Instagram followers and is covered by more than 20 media outlets. Dr. Florance White has also appeared in various online talk shows and in multiple Instagram Personalities’ feeds. We catapulted her to fame and she has since received more than 400 leads in 2 months. Through our collaboration with Sejasa, we delivered a historic online reach of more than 20 million users and an engagement of more than 100,000 interactions.